Hometech stands for “All Technological Products for Home” Worlds first “Click to Brick” platform, to facilitate “Search On-Line and Buy Off-Line” solutions. Indigenously developed, supporting Vocal for local initiative, give the best, safest and most comfortable buying experience of all Electronics Products. On one platform



Hometech stands for “All Technological Products for Home”

Hometech, is a company incorporated in 2002 with an objective to provide the buying comfort and International Buying experience to the buyers of (CDIT) Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, IT and Telecom Products, whereby all variety of Brands and Products were available under one roof, at best and most competitive prices.

It was a unique effort. Hometech chain of stores were launched in 2003, in two important Haryana Cities of NCR, Sonipat and Panipat. The stores had all the Technology products to sell, and it was brand neutral. The Brand was Hometech. It had products from most of the leading brands, including Sony, LG, Samsung, Philips, Videocon, Whirlpool, Godrej, HCL, HP, IBM, Nokia, Panasonic, Blackburry, Maharaja, Jaipan etc. The stores were highly successful and provided an excellent buying comfort to its buyers, as all the leading brands with a full range of products were available, supported by team of trained salespersons and demonstrators. There was no parallel at that time,

After the success of the Brand Hometech, flat screen Display products were launched for the first time in India under Brand Hometech. Hometech launched Plasma TV in 2004, LCD TV in 2006 and LED TV in 2008, It started Indigenous assembly of LCD and LED TV’s in 2010. Hometech was pioneer of “Make in India” and Self-Reliant India (Atma Nirbhar Bharat) efforts way back in 2010-11.

Hometech is a well-recognised Brand in the field of Consumer Durables and now it is offering a unique solution by way of World’s first of Click to Brick e-com platform,. It is offering convenient buying comfort to buyers, to buy all technological products, sitting in the comfort of their homes or offices, from verified sellers, anywhere including local neighbourhood after due diligence like having face to face discussion with seller via Video and also viewing the demo on line. There are various customer friendly payment options. It offers the fastest delivery option, on the spot demo/installation and customer friendly return and replacement policy.

The company is part of Pimit Group, promoted and headed by Ramesh Gaur who has 40 years of experience in the trade.

An Industry Veteran with more than 40 years of Experience, in Administration, Sales and Marketing, Consultancy, &

• An Entrepreneur since 2001, founded, Pimit Group, a company providing end to end solutions in IT, Consumer Durables, Digital signage and LED Video walls.

Professional working experience of 20 years in the best companies of the time, BPL and Videocon, Consultant with Jumbo Group-UAE and HCL-India in retail domain.

Successful as an entrepreneur, launched for the first time in India range of new products and services like IT solutions in 2001, Chains of stores in 2003, Plasma/Flat screen TV’s since 2004, Digital Signage, LCD and LED manufacturing units and relaunched and established Akai Brand again in India in 2016.

Been in forefront and an achiever, as a professional and innovator as an Entrepreneur. Avid and regular risk taker and never been satisfied with routine work and routine life.

Supported by Young and Dynamic son Piyush Gaur

who is heading Operations and Technical Div. He has strong knowledge IT and looks after technical, development and supervise the back-end operations

Need Identification

Backed by a vast field experience and research for almost 10 years we have noticed that the recent times are most uncertain for the buyers and sellers of CDIT products, for following reasons:

1. customers have limited choices.

a. Most of the online sellers have no personal touch and contact with the buyer. The buyer is forced to decide from the products pushed by the online sellers. The buyer is also not sure about the originality of product and brand and has to rely on, and believe the info given on website. Deliveries take any time between 2-7 days. The choices are limited to the sellers who are available online. There are online frauds happening and eventually the customers have to suffer.

b. In modern retail too, the large corporation buy in bulk including old/obsolete stocks, to get better prices and sell at lower prices and still make good profits. The customers are not well informed, and they have to buy the products, pushed by the Ecom or Modern retails companies, where they get better profits. The choices are limited to products and brands which are able to strike a deal with the company

c. Local neighbourhood/standalone stores have poor technical and sourcing expertise. With changes in trade practices, these stores have not been able to keep pace with changing time and are facing tough situation and are losing customers faith in terms of technology and commerce.

2. Small and medium size dealers are fighting for survival with reduced footfalls and stiff competition from Ecom, Modern Retails and large format and chain of stores.

3. Post Covid, the nature and style of buying and selling Products have changed drastically. With More emphasis on, NO contact sale and social distancing, there is preference for E com. Being online has become a necessity for all sellers.

Hometech offer a unique click to brick platform to facilitate “Search On-Line and Buy Off-Line”.

• A consumer and trade friendly Website/APP to search and buy CDIT products/ services.

• Ideal platform for B-2-C, B-2-B and tech products/services

• Offline, Physical Retail stores are available virtually on the App/website, with all their products and services . It is like visiting a store physically/personally.

• Customers can discuss, negotiate/bargain with the sellers, view Demo of the product and make a smart purchase

• Customers can get expert advice in case they are not sure and certain about their needs

• The buyer can, have the Seller/store, deliver the goods to their place, install them and take payment with choice of paying options, as it happens normally while shopping in the real world in real time.

Vision & Mission Statement

• To provide an opportunities to all the customers to source reliable, support/ knowledge backed, CDIT (Consumer Durable and IT) products/services at most competitive prices sitting in comfort of home.

• To empower small and medium retailers by bringing their stores online and making them a part of growing market segment and offer them the benefits of bulk buying and to help them stand up against the competition of Ecom, Modern Retail and large format stores.

Value Proposition, Key Products/Services and Differentiation

A reality check on all the current websites, which are in the segment, shows that none offer kind of products and services, we are offering. Our website will be more preferred by the consumers because of reasons explained above.

We briefly explain the value proposition for B2C, B2B models.


1. Most of the e commerce website, sell almost all the products, leaving a huge space for a specialist to come in. The CDIT products are typically high value and it would need a very high degree of reliability and faith in the seller. This need is fulfilled by the verified, registered retailers listed on Hometech platform.

2. We help the buyers to take a well-informed decision on the purchase of CDIT products.

3. Ideal meeting ground to discuss the products with other experts before making the purchase.


In view of very aggressive price and marketing activities of Ecom and Modern Retail, small and Medium retailers are feeling marginalized and facing the threat to their existence. They cannot provide effective competition, due to small scale of operations. We will provide effective benefits to Small and Medium retailers all across India, by bringing them on our plat form. 4. It will enable the dealers/retailers to expand their span and become part of a large growing sourcing organisation and effectively compete with modern retail.

5. We will help sellers in getting best prices for the fast-moving products to increase their profitability.

6. Promotions for the Sellers/dealers to sell their products online and offline.

7. It will also give/ open a large market for them, beyond their state/country.

8. It will Protect and secure future of more than 100,000 small and medium Dealers/retailers, and manufacturers

PROCESS for customers Hometech will help the customers to


Normally the purchase of Electronic items is an event whereby whole family is involved and opinions are sought from friends and relatives before a high value purchase is made. the present generation in urban as well as rural areas, have found E com as an alternative and convenient options, but it has many limitations. There is always a desire to see the product and discuss with seller to know more about the products and also probably see a demo of the product. The regular store from where the generations have bought the products is always a preferred source to buy because of personal interaction. These stores which were approachable only by a personal visit will now be available on line.

1. On the Hometech platform, more than 100000 Sellers/dealers, will be available, selling more than 50,000 products in all the tech categories like, consumer durable products- brown goods, white goods, Appliances, IT products and accessories, Telecom, Lifestyle products and services. It will give the widest and best buying options. Almost every tech product item will be available.

2. Product features/specification of each product, comparison with similar products within brands and competitor brands is available for better and smart decision making

3. Expert feedback, comments, analyses, ratings of the products/dealers by customers and experts to enable the customers to take a well-informed decision rather than just pushing the product based on aggressive pricing and marketing

4. Options of online payment and Payment on delivery or by Credit cards from your neighbourhood store. Easy finance options are also available.

5. To settle consumers’ complaints, we will have, in-house grievance cell which will take up consumers’ complaints/matters, with Brands, companies and concerned authorities for redressal.

After logging in to www.Hometech.in or Hometech App, Customers can smartly buy CDIT products. Following steps will be required.

1. The search is available for Product category, Brand Product, Location.

2. Once the location and product is selected, all the sellers/showrooms selling the product in selected location will be visible. Each store will be a replica of actual store, put on web. The customers can search the product/s of their choice. The seller/store can be visited virtually. All the products sold by the sellers will be visible

3. Selected products will be shifted to cart.

4. An audio/Video link( via App) will connect the store with the buyer for discussion about the product and to get more info about the specifications and prices offered. The buyer can also request the seller to give a virtual demo of the product to get actual feel of the product.

5. In case the buyer need help in shortlisting or finalising the product, the expert advice can be taken.

6. After finalising the product, the customer can place the order thru the website or place order directly to the seller and choose from various payment options including Finance options (Terms and conditions apply)

7. The seller will deliver the items instantly or as per the agreed terms. The seller can also provide instant demo and installation facility, if required.

8. In case the customer wants to return the product, it can be done with mutual consent of seller provided original packing is intact and there is no physical damage to the product. The seller will have to decide after physical inspection of the product, provided this has been agreed at the time of purchase. Pl refer to return and replacement policy.

9. This is world’s first web platform giving absolute freedom to customers to buy a product of their choice, sitting in the comfort of their homes/offices. It will give the clients real life like experience while making a purchase of CDIT products, online.

10. Hometech Will also Offer post warranty Services all in one APP.

The process for Dealers

How Hometech will help the dealers to #Empoweryour business:

1. The dealers registered on Hometech website will be part of large sourcing group. The requirement of all the dealers will be clubbed together to buy in bulk and pass the benefits of bulk buying to its customers.

2. Hometech will bring customers to dealers, which are otherwise migrating to Ecom websites and modern retail.

3. The sellers/dealers on Hometech website will be verified and will offer reliable, creditable products and services in real time.

4. The dealers will have a competitive price and steady flow of customers, so that their profitability will improve, and they will give best services of customers visiting Hometech /platform.

5. On the platform, the Companies selling their products to dealers and distributors, will find it most convenient.

It will connect willing, prospective suppliers with All India network of dealers/sellers. hometech is a unique platform for the suppliers to reach a very wide network to sell their products and services.

The process of registration of the dealers/Sellers on the platform is very easy.

1. After logging in to www.Hometech.in or Hometech App, the dealers can register themselves. Following steps will be required.

2. Click on the “Sell your products here” or “Seller login”, on the homepage. for new Sellers, to create an account, A registration page will appear on which the dealer(seller) can fill the basic info with email as log-in ID. Please remember the password. and verify the phone number with OTP which will be sent. Kindly upload the documents required, like GST Registration Certificate, PAN card etc. Please read the terms and conditions and check, if you accept the terms and conditions and agree with them. The registration is free presently, subject to terms and conditions.

3. After registration by the seller, Hometech team will activate the account after checking and verifying the information and documents uploaded by the seller/Dealer and send mail to seller for completing the registration process. the seller will log in and can make a virtual store by uploading pics of Facia, Name Board, Inside of the store display pics. The dealer must specify the products and facilities they can offer and add all the products they wish to sell and enter quantity and the price they will sell at.

4. The store owner/manager can upload video (we will help in creating the link, giving introduction of the showroom, brands/products offered, Unique selling propositions offered by the store, Area covered.

5. The store will upload the all the Items (SKU’s) which they wish to sell and ensure that adequate stock is available. The product list, prices and stock can be updated, as and when required, either by visiting website or App.. In case the dealer wish to sell a unique product, which is not already listed in the website, the dealer can upload the info on their own and submit for approval of the team hometech.

6. The dealers must dedicate one person to accept calls from the customers and also should be able to give demonstration of the product on line and reply to all the questions of the clients. The store will have a video link for video chat with customers, thru the App.

7. Hometech is a platform, like a market place. Hometech or it’s management is not responsible for The business interaction and deal between the buyer and seller. The sellers must ensure that all the safety and precaution for the payments from the buyer. The payment, delivery charges if any, return policy must be discussed with buyer and both should agree to them.

8. Another important feature is “Order to Hometech”. In case the seller wish to get the products to sell thru Hometech buying team, they should mention the product and quantity. Hometech team will revert with the pricing and availability. of the product. The seller will confirm the price, qty and send advance payment to enable hometech team to complete the order.